Bad Credit is No Credit

Credit Scores Driving You Nuts?

Jobs will suffer, that’s right-you cannot get a good job if your credit report is poor. For instance, say you want to work at a bank, they look at your report and see a long list of defaults. Why should they hire a sketchy credit person to handle their money? Ask yourself that! THen consider that you are not bad with money, it’s the life circumstances that were thrown your way that got you here in the first place.

People Are Saddled With Bad Credit Because:

  • They lost their jobs
  • Suffered during the spike in prices during the recession
  • Were victims of the recent housing crisis
  • Had a terminal illness
  • Lost their health insurance
  • Had huge life expense bills
  • Forgot about utility bills
  • Had to choose between food and water

These are punished items that we know are not fair. It’s not fair to be strapped with the label debtor. The legal system can do nothing for you, because the hard fact of the matter is that you owe that money. But we can use 100% legal means to make sure that you pay what you can, stop harassment and get more out of life so that you can live on.

It’s important for job prospects to see that you are working on improving your credit and Sharp Credit Repair in Philadelphia, PA can help get you there. Our team of experienced personnel are ready to serve you today.

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