National Credit: What We Do

Who is Sharp Credit Repair

We are a nationally accredited and seasoned team of professionals who work with you to improve your credit socre. No matter the issues, we are always ready to help you. When you need a credit evaluation you should come to us or contact us, because we provide you with a 100% free consultation, then if you are interested in going further we will give you what others can’t an Action plan, and the software access to follow up on what we do daily.

What We Do

We raise your scores, we work with your creditors and we work with you. We let you know what is happening every step of the way and everyday we work on your account to make sure that we are getting followups figuring our cost for you and more. We dispute on your behalf and contact you via the Action Plan software if we have any questions we get in touch immediately.

1. We make sure that your credit reports are 100% accurate.  Did you know that 7 our of 10 credit reports are filled with inaccuracies? We dispute the questionable reports and keep you posted all thew ay through. Credit bureaus will not help you out of the goodness of their hearts. We know that. That is why we exist in the first place.

2.We help to regulate your open accounts.

3.We set up reminders and help you to pay on time with affordable rates.

4.Time fixes it all and we can help speed that up.



So the answer of what we do is simple: We give you Freedom.

Contact us today for your free evaluation, we know that you will be more than satisfied.