School of Hope: What You Need To Know About Credit

What is a Credit Score?

Credit Scores are ready to be seen, they are your financial window to the world. They are the most important hting to have on your plate and in your corner.

Credit scores range from 300-850, and are made lower by different aspects.

These include:

Medical bills

-Medical bills will go on your credit report, and in some cases they file these on there quicker then other areas.

Late utility payments

-Each time you miss more than 30 days on any utility payments they report it. So yes, get on board today and have your credit evaluation completed by professionals who know how to fix these issues.

Inquiries into your credit score

-Each time you apply for credit they look you up, and credit bureaus  report this, then it dings your points down even lower. Remember scores range from 300-850!

and so much more.


Credit Can Be Saved

Did you know that even though you might be saddled with the bad credit, but you don’t have to live that way any longer! ¬†We offer you the credit counseling services you need, and the action plan created for you to get your credit back on track. We have seen clients raise as much as 20 points within the first month!